JSI Group is excited to announce the upcoming release of a new iPhone and Android app for referring veterinarians. The app can be white-labeled by specialty/emergency practices and downloaded for free by rDVMs on the App Store and Google Play. It will provide integrated functionality allowing rDVMs to quickly and seamlessly refer cases to their preferred specialty practice. Refer-A-Patient, document/image upload, sharing case studies and CE registration are just some of the features that are available.


Simplify the case referral process and allow rDVMs to quickly submit client/patient information from their smartphone.

My Referrals

rDVMs can view prior referrals they have submitted through the app or the web portal.

CE Registration

Share upcoming CE events and let the rDVM register through the app.

rDVM Newsletters/Articles

Referring veterinarians can view your latest newsletter and interesting articles you share through the app.