How Does it Work?

Notification System

Alert your rDVMs when their patient has checked in, has been discharged and send them updates throughout treatment.

24/7 rDVM Access

Provide online medical record access through your website to referring practices. Your rDVMs can access medical history, lab results, image studies, reports and more.


Integrated patient referral and medical record upload allows rDVMs to send cases quickly and easily.

Website and PIMS Integration

rVetLink plugs directly into your practice website and is fully white-labeled to your brand, style and design. We integrate directly with your practice management software data ensuring a fast, accurate and reliable service.

Mobile Friendly

The portal and notification messages are mobile friendly allowing your rDVMs to access information on their smart phone or tablet.


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Provide medical record access to your referring practices

rDVMs can easily log into your rVetLink portal to search for and review their patients’ medical records. They will be able to see any details of the medical record that you grant them access to. Procedures, treatment recommendations, test results and other critical information is available at their fingertips.

A link that allows the referring practice to download records and save them to their practice management software is also provided.

Explore the Portal

Integrated patient referral and record upload

Enables the rDVM to upload records to the specialty/emergency practice and makes patient referral seamless and easy. This bidirectional workflow eliminates the need for faxing or manual transmission of:

  • Medical history
  • Diagnostic images
  • Labwork
  • Other case specific details

Practice management software integration

rVetLink integrates with data from your practice management software. Unlike other companies, we query information directly from your database and do not use any third party tools. This means fast, reliable and secure access to patient/pet owner information and a deeper level of functionality.

Provide access to imaging studies, lab results, telemedicine reports and more

rVetLink includes an integrated image viewer that allows your rDVMs to query and view image studies that were performed at the specialty/referral practice. Viewing tools, such as zoom, rotate and brightness/contrast, are also provided. Telemedicine reports, lab results and other key testing information can also be accessed and downloaded to referring practices that have been granted permission.

Integrated with your website

We believe it’s important to drive traffic to your website and give your referring practices a reason to routinely visit you online. Therefore, we offer a simple plug-in that your website company can implement. This functionality allows you to have a fully branded version of rVetLink and it keeps rDVMs coming back on a regular basis. You can use this opportunity to deliver other information to your referring practices, such as news, articles and other resources that show you appreciate their ongoing referrals.

Mobile friendly

The rVetLink portal can be accessed from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. This provides your referring practices with convenient access to their patient’s information no matter where they are!