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How it Works

Notification System

Alert your rDVMs when their patient has checked in, has been discharged and send them updates throughout treatment.

24/7 rDVM Access

Provide online medical record access through your website to referring practices. Your rDVMs can access medical history, lab results, image studies, reports and more.

Website and PIMS Integration

rVetLink plugs directly into your practice website and is fully white-labeled to your brand, style and design. We integrate directly with your practice management software data ensuring a fast, accurate and reliable service.


Integrated patient referral and medical record upload allows rDVMs to send cases quickly and easily.

Mobile Friendly

The portal and notification messages are mobile friendly allowing your rDVMs to access information on their smart phone or tablet.

The Results

Strengthen rDVM Relations

rVetLink makes referral management faster, simpler and more accurate for your referring practices. Make it easy for them to send cases and stay involved with their patient’s treatment!

Increased Efficiency

Ensures fast, reliable communication between specialty/emergency and primary care practices.

Save Time & Money

Reduces manual processes and can eliminate faxing or other tedious communication methods.

Improve the Client/Patient Experience

Improving the referral process ensures that clients follow through with important treatments and leads to an enhanced care experience for everyone involved.


Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine

“rVetLink has allowed us to bridge the gap between our busy, 24 hour practice and referring veterinarians. We can now provide real-time alerts and updates to RDVMs throughout our referral base.”

Ken Aldrich, Hospital Director

Animal Medical Center (AMC) 

“rVetLink allows us to give our rDVMs full access to their patient’s AMC experience. Easy integration with our practice management software allows for fast sharing of the exam notes, diagnostic images and labwork.”

Katie Lashbrook, Systems Administrator


“We use the rVetLink portal to quickly share image studies, lab results and other critical patient information wiht referring practices throughout our large metro area.”

Arch Roberston, DVM